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Tony Abbott Has Gone Too Far-He Needs To Go-He Thinks Nothing Of Our Local Heroes To Award Them An Order Of Australia

Tony Abbott has gone too far. He has shown that he isn’t fit for the high office that he has been put into by the people of Australia by means of an election. He has shown such a lack of judgement that those who support him now need look at removing him. This man has officially sent Australia back to the eighteenth century with the knighting of the Duke of Edinburgh. You know you have done completely the wrong thing when your own supporters like Paul Murry and you overload like Murdoch condemn your choice. Before we continue we congratulate Angus Houston on his award however, the Duke of Edinburgh!?.

Troy Constable Photography - Flickr

Troy Constable Photography – Flickr

To knight the Duke of Edinburgh with the Order of Australia is one of the greatest insults to Australia and her people. There are people in Australia who have put there lives on the line, who have done so much for the nation and who have left their mark on the nation for the better. Even though some have said that the Duke deserve the knighthood RealNewsOne argues that he doesn’t and there are those who are more worthy of the accolade.

The Order of Australia should only go to Australians. Australians such as the Australian of the year or an indigenous elder who has guided his or her people in the preservation of their culture and those preserving the very life and ways of a culture tens of thousands of years old. Then there are the workers who have dedicated their life to serving their colleagues and protecting their rights and conditions in the workplace.

Alas, this award did’t go to any of those great Australians, those deserving Australians. No, it went to a person who has no direct relationship with the nation. As I said before some say the Duke deserves the award and they say it is due to the Duke of Edinburgh Awards being awarded to many young Australians and helping them. Yes it has changed the life of an individual and those around them but in contrast an individual who has won the Australian of the year award has benefited the nation. An individual who stood up for their colleagues and their work place rights has done a great service the nation for it has lead to such things as superannuation, Medicare and other great social achievements. What about Rosie Batty and the great work she has done over the last year to end domestic violence, doesn’t she deserve an Order of Australia?

Tony Abbott has passed over these people because of his selfish desire to ingratiate himself with the Duke and the Queen.Tony Abbott should strive to ingratiate himself with the people of Australia. This is the actions of a man who doesn’t think of Australia. This is the action of a man who doesn’t think that the actions of the average Australia who does great things should be recognised. It is becoming very clear that this man and the party he belongs to care not for the people of Australia but for themselves and their mates. Australians should always remember what this man has done this week. This is also the man who is ignoring Queensland in the midst of the state election – he wishes that Queensland does’t exist and he is saying Queensland isn’t important to him.

Tony Abbott is no longer fit to be Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia. He has demonstrated that he thinks nothing of the people of this land, indigenous or immigrant, but that he has to look to a person who lives tens of thousands of kilometres away to give the highest award to. It is now time for the Federal Liberal National Coalition to do the right thing and dump this unfit politician from the high office that they put him in by means of the election. It is now time to drop the dead word of Australian politics.

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