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Qld Labor Wants To Retain And Reward Excellent Teachers #Qldvotes

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If Labor wins next weekends election on January 31 Queensland students in Queensland are set to benefit from Labor’s plan to retain the best teachers in state school classrooms.

Opposition Leader Annastacia Palaszczuk and possible next Queensland Premier said “What we have seen over the years, is teachers leaving our profession, to get higher paid jobs in other fields of work”

Labor’s plan is to modernise the teaching profession and encourage the very best to remain where they can be most effective for Queensland’s students – in the classroom

“I want our best teachers, standing in front of the classrooms, giving the best possible education to our students.” stated Ms Palaszczuk.

Under Labor’s policy excellent experienced teachers will be able to be classed as Highly Accomplished or Lead Teachers with pay grades that properly reflect their value to students and the education system.

“..a Labor Government will establish classifications for the most effective teachers that will give them the chance to advance their careers and have their abilities recognised without the need to leave the classroom.”

Under Labor the plan is experienced teachers could be classed as Highly Accomplished or Lead Teachers with pay grades that reflect their value to the education system in Queensland and to retain the best in Queensland’s education system.

Ms Palaszczuk “We have great teachers in our state and our Letting Teachers Teach policy will enable them to have a secure career path into the future.”

Labor is also determined to restore respect to the teaching profession. Queensland Labor will elevate the profession to ensure teachers have a high standing in the community. Queensland Labor has said this will enable teachers to deliver a high-quality education system to our children free from the constant threat of being sacked.

If elected Labor will hire an additional 2500 teachers in Queensland state schools over three years to cope with enrolment growth, put downward pressure on class sizes and allow high schools to hire specialist teachers.

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