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61 United Nations Workers Died In The Line of Duty In 2014

61 people died in 2014 working for the United Nations. This number includes 33 peacekeepers, 16 civilians,3 consultants and 9 contractors.

Northern Mali saw 9 of the 33 peace keepers killed when the United Nations convey was ambushed while the Gaza strip saw 11 of the 16 civilians killed.

The president of the Coordinating Committee Of International Staff Unions, Ian Richards, said at a recent memorial service that United Nation staff work in some of the worlds most difficult and dangerous places and has called on the organisation do its best to protect their workers.

The Coordinating Committee of International staff Union has presented to UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, a proposal that would see the establishment of an independent United Nations coroner to investigate the deaths of those who died in the line of duty
and to keep the relatives of those who died informed on how and why they died.

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