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Right Wing Populist Pauline Hanson To Return As Leader Of One Nation

Political party One Nation has announced that the Right Wing Populist Pauline Hanson will return as the party Leader. Pauline Hanson was the leader of the party 12 years ago. Before forming one nation Pauline Hanson was a member of the Queensland Liberal party. She left the Liberal party in 1997.

In 2002 Pauline Hanson was forced to resign as the national president of one nation. In 2003 she was convicted and served a time of three years in prison. After only serving 11 weeks her sentence was quashed on appeal.

One nation will be relaunched with Pauline Hanson as leader at a public gathering to be held in Caboolture, Queensland at the end of this month.

In a message to members Pauline Hanson wrote to say thank you for their support and for there commitment to the party.

One nation claims that they have received overwhelming support over the past year And that many Australians felt that they were disregarded by the major political parties and invoices were not been heard.

Before going in to politics she ran a fish and chip shop in Ipswich.

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