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Palestinian President Condemns Terror Attack On Synagouge While Hamas Praises The Attack – 4 Left Dead

Police have confirmed 4 Israelis were killed in synagogue attack in Jerusalem. Both Palestinian perpetrators have shot and killed by police. The two Palestinians entered the synagogue in the Har nof neighborhood in Jerusalem with knives and axes.

Various Palestinian factions have praised the attack on the Jerusalem synagogue while the Palestinian President’s office has condemned the attack on the synagouge saying the President condemns the killing of Jewish worshipers in their place of prayer and civilians no matter who is does the killing. At the same time Hamas has stated on its official Al-Aksa TV “The attack in Jerusalem is a reaction to the crime and execution of the martyr al-Ramouni and a reaction to the crimes of the occupation, the Hamas movement is calling for more revenge attacks,”

The Israeli Prime Minister has said to Secretary Kerry the attack on a synagouge in West Jerusalem is a “horrendous terror attack in a house of worship is the direct result of President Abbas’s campaign of incitement.”

“We will respond with a heavy hand to the brutal murder of Jews who came to pray and were met by reprehensible murderers.” Commented the Prime Minister.

Mark Regev, the Spokesperson for the Israeli Government said “Today’s terror attack against worshipers is fueled by the same extreme Islamist ideology behind the brutal beheadings in Syria and Iraq.”

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