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Op-Ed: The Non-Sensical Right Is Suffering From The Vapours Over Obama And The ABC Being Sensible

IMG_8103Oh dear people disagree with the Right (or Team Australia as they call themselves) yet again and what’s even more frustrating for the “Team Australia” is the people, Obama and the ABC, are correct and now Team Australia have their nickers in a knot and also have the vapours.

Over the weekend we have seen the Right go into a meltdown because President Obama dared to talk about climate change- shock horror! And that the ABC critiqued the poor childlike performance of the Prime Minister at the G20 because he whined about people in Australia not supporting his awful ideas that hurt people !

The right has accused Obama of being “rude” of “knifing Abbott in the back, … a typical disgusting lefty act ( not unexpected ).…trying to get plaudits from the lefties and children here” wrote one person. One other commentator on a certain blog said “Yes, Obama did stab our Prime Minister in the back. Not only that he said it would be on the G20 agenda. …I was so angry when I heard him talk about it at the Queensland university [sic] knowing full well T[ony] A[bbott] didn’t want it discussed…,”

The behaviour and the attitude of the right over the weekend has shown that the Right have a serious problem with reality and anyone who points it out to them. They have tried to censor the President of the United States when he speaks the truth about climate change and dignity for others but yet will defend the Prime Minister over comments that were, insensitive, indelicate and raciest but in reality Abbott really doesn’t think before he speaks. Words just come out but as Minister for Indigenous Affairs he should’ve known better – so much for a man who was a Rhodes scholar. It’s appealing when people defend ignorance and berate those who point out the truth and their responsibilities.

Only in the non-sensical world of Team Australia are Obama’s views a problem. Obama’s views such as:

“fighting climate change”

“stand[ing] up for the inherent dignity of every human being. And “dignity begins with the most basic of needs — a life free of hunger and disease and want.”

“…invest in the development that promotes growth and helps end the injustice of extreme poverty …,”

“…stand[ing] up for … gay and lesbian fellow citizens, because they need to be treated equally under the law…stand[ing] up for the rights and futures of our wives and daughters and partners, because … the best measure of whether a nation is going to be successful is whether they are tapping the talents of their women and treating them as full participants in politics and society and the economy…”

But it’s not just Obama who is coping it from the right for speaking sense and telling it like it is, but also the ABC “…The ABC is now our enemy simply because they stand for the side that openly despises Australia. In that case, the ABC must be shut down immediately or at least sold off.” — Tea party anyone? The ABC isn’t anyone’s enemy, the ABC is part of the checks and balances in our system to critique and question the Government over its policies, they did it to Labor and they will do it to the conservatives. The ABC is an integral part of our society and is needed to help preserve our civil society.

On economics and the economy, the Right sees itself as being economically responsible and sound, gurus when it comes to the economy. The major thing the right doesn’t understand is that Australia is a unique country that relies on its environment to survive, even economically considering we are a country that relies on agriculture and tourism. If we don’t protect the environment and take action now our economy will be ruined in the future. Economic planning and management is about the future as much as it is about the present.

The right has once again shown how self centred they’re as a group. They are all about me – whether it’s on the international stage as a nation or as an individual. We live in a global world, we need to think globally and act globally. If we want to have the right to tell others what to do then we need to start practicing what we preach.

“Team Australia” are the real enemies of Australia, they despise anyone who supports others (NDIS),they despise anyone who speaks the truth and stands up for minorities (Obama and the ABC), the despise anyone who wants to protect the environment (Carbon Price). “Team Australia” Should not be allowed to dictate the direction and future of Australia. Real Australians should stand up and reclaim Australia from “Team Australia”.


1 Comment on Op-Ed: The Non-Sensical Right Is Suffering From The Vapours Over Obama And The ABC Being Sensible

  1. Amazing how upset they become when their fantasies are not believed… and abusive when anyone points to the common good.

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