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Victoria Votes: Labor Preference Greens In 96 Races, Greens Preference PUP in Rural Races Ahead Of Labor

Victoria Labor has announced that in 96 out of 96 races Labor are putting the Greens ahead of the Liberals, Nationals, Shooters & Fishers and Family First parties in the 2014 Victoria Election.

In response to Labor’s announcement Greens support candidate for Eastern Victoria,Willisa Hogarth tweeted, “Great to see you are acknowledging that The Greens offer progressive policies that are good for Victoria…”

Labor then asked ” But will the Greens be putting Labor ahead of the Liberals and Nationals in 96 contests?” Labor got their answer from Greens, in 100% of regional upper house electorates the Greens will give their preferences to the Palmer Party ahead of Labor.

At the same time the Victorian Greens have accused Labor of putting the religious right DLP and the climate denier Country Alliance Party ahead of Greens in 2014 election.

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