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Greens Senator Larissa Waters:”Abbott an international embarrassment”

Speaking to the press today Queensland Greens Senator Larissa Waters has said that Tony Abbott is an international embarrassment because the Prime Minister has scrapped the carbon price, even though it was lowering emissions.

She also highlighted that the Government is allowing hundreds of millions of tonnes of coal to be exported through our Great Barrier Reef, With 97% of the world’s climate scientists now attributing global warming to greenhouse gases.

Senator Waters also said “to be actively expanding Australia’s coal export industry now is beyond irresponsible; it is staggeringly negligent.”

The senator will be addressing the G20 people’s march for the environment, democracy and justice on Saturday morning.

Earlier this week the Senator said “We have safe, viable renewable alternatives but, with the Abbott Government pouring billions into the fossil fuel industry and threatening the renewable energy sector with uncertainty, the playing field is not fair.”

She also highlighted Australia has the potential to become a global leader in renewable energy, providing sustainable local jobs, and without sacrificing jobs in other industries like tourism and agriculture, as the coal industry does.

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