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Australia Marks 96th Anniversary Of The End Of World War One

Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott marked the 96th anniversary in a statement issued by his office, the Prime Minister said: “The Great War was the crucible in which our nation’s identity was forged.”

When the Great War started Australia had a population of under five million. 417,000 Australians enlisted, 332,000 served overseas, 152,000 were wounded and 61,000 never came home.

The Prime Minister’s statement continued by saying “It was sacrifice on a stupendous scale.”

At 11:00am Australians will fall silent for one minute to remember the suffering and loss that has occurred in all wars, Prime Minister Abbott said “for we are a country of memory, as well as memorials.”

In related news Clive Palmer has criticised Jackie Lambie for wanting to use Remembrance Day as a political protest against the Government for the appalling wage offer and stripping back of the army’s conditions. Mr Palmer has said “All Australians, particularly politicians, should show the utmost respect on RemembranceDay. It is never a day for political actions”

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