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Afghanistan: Ashraf Ghani Named President-elect

Afghanistan’s election commission has declared former finance minister and ex-World Bank economist Ashraf Ghani president-elect on Sunday, hours after he signed a power-sharing deal with runner up Abdullah Abdullah.

However, the commissioner withheld final election numbers after a U.N.-monitory audit.

The announcement Sunday followed Ghani and rival Abdullah Abdullah signing a power-sharing agreement to form a National Unity Government, ending weeks of political bickering following a June 14 runoff presidential election.

“The Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan declares Dr. Ashraf Ghani … as the president of Afghanistan,” commission chief Ahmad Yousuf Nuristani said.

The full results would be provided at a later date, Nuristani said, but did not say when. He acknowledged deep flaws in the June 14 run-off vote and said a U.N.-supervised audit was not adequate to weed out all the vote-rigging.

“Although the audit was comprehensive … (it) could not detect or throw out fraud completely,” Nuristani said, without taking further questions.
— VOA Report Ayaz Ghul

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