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Palestinian Authority Ambassador To Iran: “Israel’s Annihilation Has Began” – Hamas Not Interested In Compromise

As the Palestinians, Israelis and the Egyptians were trying to put together a lasting and working cease-fire for Gaza Palestinian Representatives in Iran have publically stated that Israel’s annihilation has began.

Speaking to the Fars news agency in Iran the Palestinian’s Ambassador to the Iranian Government, Salah al-Zawawi, has said that “Israel’s annihilation has began and the new generation in Iran will certainly witness our victory over Israel” for the original story click here.

Hamas’ representative in Iran, Khaled al Kadoumi, also made a similar statement to crowds gathered in Tehran about Israel. He also said that he hoped with Iran’s help that Hamas could create rockets that were more advanced.

Al Kadoumi also stated that Hamas is not interested talking to those who are willing to compromise and negotiate with Israel. “The only mechanism for liberating Palestine is resistance and we have no option other than supporting the resistance,” stated Al Kadoumi

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