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UN Report Gives Break Down Of The Tragedy In Gaza -73% Killed Civilians

73% of the dead are civilians. The break down of the demographics are 65% Men 35% Women And Children.

The United Nations office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs has released its occupied Palestinian territory report. The figures in the report make for a very depressing read. Real News One has broken down and presented the numbers as they are presented in the report. The report states 1922 have been killed.

Breakdown of the total number of those killed (percentages have been rounded to the nearest whole figure):
• Civilians make up 73%- 1407
• Hamas militants 27%- 515
Total number of dead: 1922

Demographic(civilians and militants)break down of the dead:
• children make up 23% -448,
• women make up 12% – 235.
• adult males 65% – 1239

The demographics of those who have survived and are displaced:
• 10,000 pregnant women in Gaza are displaced
• 373,000 children require psycho-social support
• As of the 7th of August 166,527 people were seeking refugee in 90 schools.

In the UN report it states “The existence of thousands of explosive remnants of war in civilian areas is a major concern, especially regarding children, farmers, refugees returning home and humanitarian workers. Areas up to three kilometres from Gaza’s perimeter fence (44 per cent of the Gaza Strip), which were declared as a “buffer zone” for the duration of the Israeli ground incursion, are considered particularly dangerous.”

The UN report confirms that there were no reports of firing by Palestinian armed groups in Gaza into Israel during the ceasefire.

The original report can be found here

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