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20% Of Hamas’ Rockets Fail And Hit The People Of Gaza -IDF Have Attacked 51 Sites In Gaza

Since 8:00AM yesterday (3:00 PM AEST), 61 rockets have been fired at Israel. In response, the IDF has struck 51 sites in Gaza and have targeted 3 members of Hamas.

Over 20% of the rockets fired from Gaza – 13 of 61 – have miss fired and struck within Gaza.

In related news the Archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Church,Archbishop Alexios, in Gaza has come forth and alleged that Hamas has been firing rockets from Saint Porphyrios church.

The church has been providing shelter to both Christians and Muslims in Gaza. Gaza has a population of 1,500 Greek Orthodox Christians.

Archbishop Alexios stressed that he did not wish to take sides in the conflict between Israel and Hamas, adding that he only sought to offer help to the people of Gaza.

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