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Abbott Lies part 2 and 3-Tax will always be lower and will make life easy – Taxes up, life harder

Australian are once more being reminded of the lies that Abbott has been telling the public and the promises that he has broken.

On the 6th of August 2013 before the election Abbott said that “Taxes will always be lower under a coalition government”.

The reality of the situation is that taxes are higher and will continue to be higher. Under Labor tax receipts were 21% of the GDP. While under Abbott they have jumped up to 22.7% of the GDP.

On Wednesday, 7 August 2013 tiny Abbott said “everything that we are talking about in this election is about making your life easier.” Once again the reality of the situation shows that everything that Abbott and his friends are doing and Talking about are not making peoples’ lives easier.

With the introduction of the coalition’s budget peoples’ lives will not be getting easier. If anything the Abbott government’s budget will be hurting people especially those most at risk in society. Funding for schools and hospitals have been cut , an introduction of the GP tax, university fees will be increased, petrol tax has gone up and pensioners will see their pensions cut.

Tiny Abbott also said “I want to be a prime minister for aboriginal affairs” instead what Australian people have seen is over $500 million From indigenous affairs.

1 Comment on Abbott Lies part 2 and 3-Tax will always be lower and will make life easy – Taxes up, life harder

  1. Yep, to use their own words, they “just don’t get it”.
    We, the average Aussie, can see right through them, the open and transparent government.

    Their budget is a solution (theirs) looking for a problem.
    No problem?, then they create one, AKA Budget crisis.

    Lets look at it through this cartoon . . . . .


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