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Israelis and Palestinians are hopeful yet skeptical about truce lasting for Gaza

The Gaza Strip fell largely silent Tuesday as a 72-hour cease-fire between Israel and Hamas took effect.

IDF army spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Peter Lerner said Israeli troops had completely withdrawn from the territory, yet they remained in defensive positions outside Gaza.

With the truce in place Israelis and Palestinians are hopeful yet skeptical about it lasting.

Minutes before the truce took hold, both Israel and Hamas engaged in a display of firepower, seemingly determined to have the last word before downing their weapons.

Sirens wailed in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv as Hamas fired 16 rockets over the border, while Israeli warplanes staged at least five air strikes on Gaza.

The nearly month of shelling has devastated Gaza’s infrastructure, leveling residential buildings, schools and businesses. As the cease-fire took hold many Gazans left shelters to find rubble where their homes once stood.

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