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Education And Health In QLD & SA Suffer Due To Abbott’s Toxic Budget Cuts

$80 Billion cut from health in Education in Australia due to toxic budget

$80 Billion cut from health in Education in Australia due to toxic budget, Queensland will lose $6.29 billion while South Australia will lose $5.5 billion over ten years.

Image courtesy of scottchan /

Image courtesy of scottchan /

Tony Abbott’s budget cuts from the Coalition’s toxic budget will leave Queensland schools $6.29 billion worse off over the next decade.

Abbott and Hockey’s toxic budget cuts $80 billion from schools and hospitals – with $30 billion of that coming directly from schools across Australia.

Kate Ellis, Shadow Education Minister, said this week in a press release “This is the biggest ever cut to Queensland schools, with $6.29 billion to be ripped from classrooms up and down the state, The impact of these cuts are very real – every Queensland school student will get $1,000 less support, every year.”

At the same time Tony Abbott’s school cuts will leave North Queensland schools $468 mill worse off in next decade.

This is another example of Abbott and the Coalition breaking election promises. Before the 2013 election an during the election Abbott said there would be no cuts to education while Christopher Pyne said the Coalition would match Labor dollar for dollar in school funding.

South Australia is also to suffer from Abbott’s toxic budget with $5.5 billion being cut from their funding for schools and hospitals over the next ten years.

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