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Israel: 400 dead after deadliest day – IDF releases video of Hamas shooting from homes

The death toll from the Israeli Defence Forces’ (IDF) Operation Protective Edge in Gaza has reached 400 since the start of the conflagration. Officials in Gaza have claimed that 60 people have been killed over the past 24 hours.

The IDF began heavily targeting the Shijaiyah neighbourhood leaving people dead in the street and destroying infrastructure. While the IDF have been targeting Gaza a heavy garage of rockets have been fired from the Gaza strip which has set off Israel’s Iron dome. The rockets were heading for Tel Aviv and Beit Shemesh.

The Iron Dome also intercepted 5 rockets over Ashdod and 3 over Ashkelon.

The IDF has also released a video which the claim shows members of Hamas shooting from within homes at the IDF. They have also released footage of the IDF killing members of Hama infiltrating Israel from the Gaza strip.

In related news, reports are coming out of Khartoum that the IDF have struck a Hamas weapons arsenal. It is claimed that the arsenal held long range missiles. The  government of Sudan is not confirming the attack. Just hours before Israel had accused Sudan of supporting Hamas.

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