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Australian Treasurer And Prime Minister Continue To Hurt And Attack Real Australian Families

The Treasurer, Joe Hockey, has spectacularly failed to justify the Conservative Right Wing Government’s unfair budget and the attack on real Australian families.

Treasurer Joe Hockey is threatening to hurt Australians and real Australian families even more if he does not get his way in the Senate and senior Liberals are now questioning the Treasurer’s judgement. While others are questioning the Prime Minister’s support of the Treasurer.

Instead of threatening to hurt Australian families the Treasure should be looking at alternative is to help Australian families. Such as (1) scrapping the Prime Minister’s signature $20 billion Paid Parental Leave Scheme, (2) scrapping the $2.6 billion Direct Action Policy, (3) dropping his $1.1 billion tax break for multinational companies and (4) stopping the reversal of the previous Labor government’s measures to ensure that high-income earners pay a fair tax on superannuation.

An example of this attack was given by Timothy Watts MP, Member for Gellibrand (Vic), in parliament this week.
Mr Watts received an email from Marie Kinniburgh and her 23-year-old daughter with a disability who live in his electorate. In the email Ms Kinniburgh wrote: ‘We will be affected by all the constraints imposed by the new pension indexation, health payments, student loans, petrol excise, utilities concession defunding and rebate freezing.’ Ms Kinniburgh also mentioned that her daughter will lose the pensioner education supplement, which is worth more than $1,600 a year.

The deputy Leader of the opposition Tanya Plibersek followed up with another example when she asked in parliament this week “My question is to the Prime Minister. I refer to Dell Stagg, a full-time carer for her daughter, in the electorate of Boothby. Because of the government’s budget changes, Dell says her family will be up to $600 per fortnight worse off. Dell writes, ‘Not only am I already doing the heavy lifting because of my caring role for my daughter, I’m buggered if I’m leaning on anyone. I also have cancer now.’ Why is the Prime Minister making life even harder for carers like Dell by cutting the indexation of the carer payment and disability support pension?” In answer to the question Tony Abbott denied that there are no cuts to the carer payment, the carer allowance or the carer supplement in the budget, even though it is in the budget.

According to NATSEM, a single income family on $65,000 will be $6,000 a year worse off because of the Prime Minister’s unfair budget.

This week the Prime Minister has failed to rule out further cuts, including a $15 GP tax, cuts to the National Disability Insurance Scheme, scrapping the family tax benefit, further cuts to schools and hospitals.

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