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Senate backs refugee children over Abbott cruelty after motion by brought forward by the Greens

The Senate has voted in support of a motion calling on the Immigration Minister to act in the interests of a group of refugee children who have gone into hiding in South Australia. The Greens put forward the motion.

By voting in favour of the motion the Senate has said that it won’t accept the government’s cruelty and Tony Abbott needs to take notice.

The Greens’ immigration spokesperson, Senator Hanson-Young said “It’s unacceptable that children in South Australia are running scared from the Immigration Minister, their supposed legal guardian.

“These children are Scott Morrison’s responsibility but, instead of caring for them, he has frightened and now lost them. If he can’t care for them properly, he needs to hand his guardianship to someone who can.

The Senate has told the Minister that he must act in the best interest of these children, not throw them behind bars.

“Unaccompanied children should be spared from the cruel politics of this Abbott Government but, as we speak, dozens are languishing on Christmas Island and Nauru. The Immigration Minister must now explain to the Parliament what he will do to ensure that these missing children will be cared for and kept safe in the future.” Senator Hanson-Young stated.

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