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The Five Lies Used By Abbot And The Coalition To Axe Carbon Pricing

The government has submitted the bills to parliament that will see the abolition of the carbon price scheme as well as the abolition of various organisation to protect the environment.
The bill submitted to parliament is based on ten lies that Abbott and the coalition have been telling people.

Lie No. 1:“the jury is still out on the science of climate change”—It is simply misleading to say that the science on this question is not settled. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued its latest report—its fifth report—in September last year, and in that the 209 lead authors, supported by more than 600 contributing authors, lifted their level of certainty about the existence of climate change and its cause by human activity to 95 per cent.

Lie No. 2:”if there was any global warming over the course of the 20th century, it has stopped“—The World Meteorological Organization announced only some months ago that the decade of the 2000s was warmer than the 1990s, which was again warmer than the decade before it, and so it goes on as you go decade by decade back into history. NASA, over the course of the southern summer, also stated that the 20 hottest years in the world on record are all since 1990 and that 13 of the 14 hottest years on record are all since 2000.

Lie No. 3: “there is no link between climate change and an increase in the frequency and the severity of extreme weather events such as droughts, heatwaves, fires, storms and more” — The CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology, again in their latest State of the climate report published earlier this year, tracked the forest fire danger index—an index which has been tracked for many years here in Australia—and very clearly found that the risk of forest fires since 1970 has risen markedly associated with climate change. It is up by 50 per cent in the area around Melbourne Airport. The Bureau of Meteorology provides similar advice about the risk to Australia associated with climate change, with Australia experiencing more frequent and more severe heatwaves.

Lie No. 4: “world leaders need not trouble themselves with this issue; that they should focus on the important things like economics and security; and that they should leave these things to environment ministers, because it is not an economic issue—it is simply a fringe environmental issue” — shortly before the Prime Minister’s visit to the United States, President Obama said that this is ‘one of the most significant, if not the most significant, long-term challenges that the United States and the planet faces’. The Tory Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron, said climate changes is ‘one of the most serious threats the United Kingdom and the world face’. Asked about this,the Prime Minister simply said, ‘I don’t think so.’

Lie No. 5—the Prime Minister’s statement to Alan Jones earlier this year that the renewable energy targets ‘are significantly driving up power prices right now‘ When Labor came to government the number of households that had PV solar panels went from 7,500 to more than 1.1 million households. They are getting out of the power bill race, getting out of the power bill trap, creating their own power and relieving enormous pressure on the grid, particularly in those parts of Australia that are impacted by heatwaves.

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