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Former Vietnamese Boat Person-Asylum Seeker,Hieu Van Le, To Become The Next Governor Of South Australia

Hieu Van Le will become the next Governor of South Australia. Mr Le arrived in Australia 36 years ago from war torn Vietnam, if he had arrived nowadays under the Abbott government he would have been considered an illegal immigrant instead of an asylum seeker requesting refuge in Australia.

Mr Le will be the first South East Asian governor in South Australian history.

When Hieu Van Le arrived in Australia he had nothing, he has said he “had nothing but an invisible suitcase filled with dreams” those dreams he had were of peace, safety, a free country and to live a meaningful life.

The dreams Mr Le had 36 years ago are the same dreams that asylum seekers have today, dreams that are destroyed daily by the Australian right wing coalition government and its immigration Minister Scott Morrison.

Mr Le worked as an accountant until 2009 when he retired and has been Lieutenant Governor of South Australia since 2007.

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