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Abbott’s Broken Promise On Education Funding — Cut From $14.65 Billion To $2.8 Billion

Before the 2013election, Tony Abbott as leader of the opposition promised a unity ticket with Labor on schools funding, but now Australia has another broken promise the Prime Minister.

Before the election, the Labor government come up with a funding model for Australian schools, it wasn’t the best but it was one of the fairest Australia has seen, Gonski. The funding model developed in December 2011 was that schools be funded according to the needs of their students and what was required to educate each one of them to a high standard.

The previous government made a commitment to substantial extra investment in schools, $14.65 billion over six years, along with the funding model for Australian schools. The $14.65 billion included Commonwealth funding, also included state funding. For every $2 that the previous government were putting in, the states were expected to put in an extra $1.

Under the Abbott government, Commonwealth funding drops to just $2.8 billion over four years instead of the $14.65 billion combined Commonwealth state funding over six years. The states do not need to put in a single extra dollar. In fact they can cut funding from their own education budgets and still get the small amount of extra Commonwealth funding in comparison to what was previously on offer.

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