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Cuts To The ABC Announced — Attacking The ABC Un-Australian

The ABC, Australia’s only true independent TV and radio media in Australia is under attack by a consorted effort by the right wing elements in Australia with the likes of Andrew Bolt leading the charge and groups such as “Australian Tax Payers Alliance”, which claims to free and independent but is blatantly right wing-pro Liberal-National Coalition it’s not funny. It goes as far as supporting Menzieshouse which is nothing but a mouth piece for the right wing.

The so called free and independent “Australian Tax Payers Alliance” has a campaign and a letter that can be sent to Malcolm Turnball which has in it lines such as
“…I am writing as your constituent to demand a thorough review of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and the future of taxpayer funded media in Australia.… Australia requires an adult conversation about our anachronistic public broadcaster policies that remain mired in an 1960’s mindset. This review fails to do this.…It not only duplicates many services already adequately provided by the market, but crowds out independent online media, not to mention its damaging effect on local Australian music radio…”

The very fact that the letter for right wing activists to send talks about a 1960’s mind set shows how out of touch the Australian Tax Payers Alliance is with reality. They also forget that channel 7,10,9 duplicate the same services when it comes to news and providing entertainment is irrelevant. Then again this is the same group that calls Abbott’s paid parental leave scheme far left wing agenda.

The attack on the ABC continues with the announcement that $50 million is to be cut from the ABC.

The ABC is the balance to TV and radio media that Australia needs to balance out the right leaning Murdoch controlled press.

Those who complain about the ABC are those who don’t watch it or don’t like their non-Murdoch controlled message. Coalition Senator Cory Bernadi said the cuts to the ABC were good and has called for the ABC to be slashed.

The ABC is a national institution and a real national treasure. To want to destroy the ABC is on of the most un patriotic acts a government could commit.

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