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Bad News Day For Abbott- Support Growing For Carbon Pricing & 70%+ Don’t Trust Abbott

The bad news continues this Monday morning fro Tony Abbott, the Climate Institute has realised the results of a poll conducted around carbon pricing and climate change. Only 20 per cent trust Tony Abbott when he says he is concerned about addressing climate change, in contrast to 53 per cent who do not, including 37 per cent who strongly distrust the Prime Minister.

According to the poll 70 per cent of Australians think that climate change is occurring, up 10 points from 2012. An overwhelming majority (89 per cent) of those think that we are feeling the impacts already.

61 per cent of Australians want Australia to be a leader in climate solutions, up 9 points from 2012 and on the upturn for a second consecutive year after the low points in 2012.

The Federal government is seen as most responsible for addressing climate change, but its performance is ranked very low, with a net negative -18 rating, even lower than in 2012 during the toxic political battles over carbon pricing.

The numbers continue to deliver bad news for Abbott, 57 per cent think that the Abbott Government should take climate change more seriously and for the first time, more Australians support the carbon pricing laws than oppose them. 47 per cent now think that carbon pricing is better than taking no action, up 8 points from 2012. Support for the government’s proposed replacement “Direct Action” plan is low at 22 per cent.

While 70 per cent agree tackling climate change creates economic opportunities and support for renewable energy is strong and resilient in the face of escalating attacks.

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