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Labor MP: Australia Would Be Crazy To Go Back Into Iraq

Labor MP, Kelvin Thompson, in Parliament yesterday stated Australia would be crazy to go back into Iraq. He also stated that neither the Sunni nor Shia leadership in Iraq has any respect for our values of democracy, pluralism, rights for women, rights for minorities, separation of church and state.

He also reminded the Liberal National Coalition that the leaders of the Coalition of the Willing, George W. Bush, Tony Blair, and John Howard said they were prepared to accept responsibility for their actions and accept the verdict of history, the honourable member said “Ten years later that verdict is clear. Over a hundred thousand civilian men, women and children dead, thousands of soldiers dead, over a 3 trillion spent—for what? The breaking of a country and the unleashing of tribal, ethnic and religious hatreds.” He continued also by saying “[they] should get down on their hands and knees and ask forgiveness for having got it so comprehensively wrong and having created such a political and humanitarian catastrophe”

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