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Abbott Delusional- ‘This is the budget that the Australian people elected us to bring down’

Editorial — The Prime Minister this week in parliament said that ‘this is the budget the Australian people elected us to bring down’. Abbott and the coalition government have been accused of living on a different planet.

This is not the budget that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people expected from the Prime Minister – Minister for indigenous affairs, who raised their expectations before the election.

The New South Wales and ACT Prisoner ThroughCare service is just one of many victims of this budget of betrayal. Last week, when the minister cut $534 million out of the Indigenous portfolio.

The New South Wales and ACT legal service was notified by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet that its Prisoner ThroughCare unit would not be funded after 30 June 2014.

Western Australians will be facing massive rate hikes as a result of the Abbott government’s $102 million due to the raid on financial assistance grants to Western Australian local governments.

The councils are now in a very tough position: increased rates and charges or reduced services to communities. Small rural communities will be hardest hit. They rely on these grants often for over 30 per cent of their revenue.

The Australian people certainly did not vote for cuts to family assistance to pay for a paid parental leave scheme for high-income earners.

The government also did not tell people that they were planning to increase the petrol tax, which will hit regional people really hard.

Australians have told the government to that they don’t support the GP tax of seven dollars.

30,000 people assembled around the nation in rallies against the budget that Abbott is handed down.

It is very clear that this is not the budget that people voted for.

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