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Australia: A Strong Japan Is In The Interest Of the Region’s Stability

In addressing a national press conference in Japan the Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said that it was in Australia’s interest and in the region’s interest that the Japanese army have the ability to operate in a way similar to other nations and beyond the limited capability that restricts the Japanese defence force. She said “We certainly support Japan working towards a more normal defence posture to help it play a greater global and regional role,”

She also highlighted that Japan has the right to collective self defence and respecting that right helps the stability of the region and in Australia’s interests.

The Australian Foreign Minister also stated that Australia is aware of the sensitivity  of such a venture in relation to other neighbouring nations and the sensitivity  of history due to World War 2. Japan waged a brutally war against the Koreans, Chinese, Singaporeans, Burmese, Philippines , Indonesians, Australians and the United States all in the name of imperialism and empire building. Some of the most horrific ate took place in China and Korea, acts which included scientific experiments on humans.

Julie Bishop also called for nations to be aware that historical sensitivities  don’t over shadow the regions progression and future developments.

With regards to making the region more stable Julie bishop said that it was important for nations in the region be open and transparent.

During the press conference it was also highlighted that Australia has a very close and productive relationship with China. The relationship between china and Australia and Japan and Australia is not mutual exclusive.

Any dispute between Japan and China needs to resolved through the rule and negations at the table.

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