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Turnball, Jones,Bolt Fight Is Nothing But A Distraction From Toxic Budget

Editorial — It Only took 8 months for them to start devouring each other and this time with Bolt and Jones leading the way. As some have pointed out “What a bunch of greedy children the self entitled are.” So much for being a government and party that is United and of grown ups.

This display of this disunity is being lead by their propaganda department and fanboys, Andrew Bolt and Alan Jones, they are the ones that are being disloyal to their party and friend airing their dirty laundry in public.

Over the past week we have seen Andrew Bolton and Alan Jones lead the charge of attacking Malcolm Turnbull accusing him of destabilising the government and being disloyal to their friend Tony Abbott. Even to the point where Alan Jones is trying to dictate an oath of loyalty Malcolm Turnbull – a brazen act of disrespect senior government minister.

The reality is that this display of disunity is just a distraction from the Budget. They all think that the rest of the media will jump on this stoush between Jones, Bolt and Turnbull with overtones of “leadership”, and will forget all about the Budget. This whole sorry saga is taking air out of the real important issue, which is the budget and the fact that it is ripping the heart of small business, families , the elderly and destroying and hope or chance of people affording a tertiary education-this budget is toxic.

The majority of the LNP have shown themselves to be entirely lacking spine, and haven’t stood up to the billy boy tactics in the past of Jones and Bolt or for the Australian people. Not a single one of them has come out and said that the way that Malcom Turnball has been treated is despicable. In fact one coalition senator stood up and said that Malcolm Turnbull was wrong in the way that he has stood up to the fanboys and bullyboys of the LNP.

Obviously Jones and Bolt have to weigh up the benefits of defending the PM/ideology and the benefits of whipping up controversy to bring in more readers and listeners. And in this case they have decided to defend the indefensible, the Prime Minister.

Malcolm would be a great leader of the Liberal Party. The problem is the Liberal Party is now a right wing Conservative party and they really don’t like him.Still, Turnbull should be viewed with reservations – he still has views consistent with the rest of the LNP. Instead of focusing on a leadership challenge or spill that will most likely never happen the focus should remain on the toxic budget, the budget that Turnbull has a part in.

Let the Torries tear themselves apart being lead by their own fanboys. While we focus on the results of this toxic budget.

1 Comment on Turnball, Jones,Bolt Fight Is Nothing But A Distraction From Toxic Budget

  1. You’re right about Turnbull, he would make a far better leader than Abbott, but he’d still be leading the same heap of garbage with very similar results.

    Now, just between you and me (please don’t tell anyone else), here’s a little known fact . . . . . . .

    “”The budget, all the policies and thought bubbles they’ve come up with since the election, were not the result of a team effort. No. It was just one person, hidden from the public, who is responsible for thinking all this stuff up.””

    Here he is, being interviewed in this cartoon . . . .


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