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Bill Shorten : Abbott 2014/15budget is most unfair budget for Australian families

Bill Shorten in an address to parliament today said that the Abbott 2014/15budget is most unfair budget for Australian families and the budget goes to far in cuts. The government was also accused of being a divided government and addicted to telling lies.

He continued with the government has a narrow view of society and the budget makes it harder for families to live and to go to the doctor.

“The heaviest lifting is to be some by the poorest in society….States will be blacked mailed to increase the GST. ”

He also highlighted that the GPTax will turn GPs into tax collectors. He also pointed out that tax payers already pay a levy for Medicare and labels the Minister for Health, Peter Dutton, as ” arrogant fellow”.

Shorten also commented that the war pension is also to be cut by $65 million and he accused the government of hypocrisy of warping it self in patriotism while hurting veterans.

In conclusion he said Labor believes that a budget can be fair and sustainable and warned the government not to ignore the poor.

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