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Op-Ed: Breaking Promises -Tony Abbott’s Special Skill

1024px-Parliament_House_Canberra_Dusk_Panorama copyAs leader of the opposition during the Rudd and Gillard years Tony Abbott staked his reputation on not breaking election promises, “[Tony Abbott] made himself the moral paragon, he made himself the Mother Teresa of Opposition Leaders” commented Bill Shorten in a recent press conference.

What have Australians seen since Abbott became Prime Minister? All we have seen from him and his Government is the creation of alibis, the creation of false emergencies to justify breaking promises to the Australian people.

We didn’t write Tony Abbott’s script before the last election. We didn’t make him make himself a hero and say ‘I’m Tony Abbott, I will never break a promise that is a special issue.’ We did not make Tony Abbott say ‘I won’t touch taxes and I won’t touch pensions

– Bill Shorten 6 May 2014

It would appear to some that the only thing that Tony Abbott is good at is breaking promises. Bill Shorten stated that “Australians will not thank you for breaking promises on the Budget, they will not thank you for making it more expensive to take sick kids to the doctor…” and Bill Shorten is 100% correct.  It is not the job of the Federal Government and the Federal Budget to put more pressure on family budgets, it should make family budgets easier.

Tough choices need to be made in every Budget. But by slashing health, education and family support at the same time as rewarding millionaires is how the Abbott Government is showing just how twisted their priorities really are.

Tony Abbott’s Commission Of Audit is also his blue print for more broken promises to come:

-Health, including a proposed a $15 GP Tax costing the people of Maribyrnong a total of $12.43 million annually to see their doctor;

-The National Disability Insurance Scheme, with proposed delays to hurt over 2000 local residents living with a permanent disability;

-Family tax benefits, with a single parent family with two children on $50,000 expected to miss out on thousands; and

-Higher education, making it harder for the 2000 tertiary students in the local area to pay for their education costs.

The Commission Of Audit is Tony Abbott’s plan to punish young job seekers by removing income support, and then cutting the very education and training programs they need to help them gain employment.

The Debt Levy or Debt Tax as it has been dubbed is another broken promise of no new taxes. It doesn’t matter what pay bracket it effects, whether it starts at $80,000 or $150,000 – it is a new tax.

On August 16, 2011 Tony Abbott stated in the nation’s parliament “There is one fundamental message that we want to go out from this place to every nook and cranny of our country: There should be no new tax collection without an election.”- So Tony, when is the election?

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