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Julie Bishop wants to normalise ties with Fijian dictatorship “To help Fiji return to democracy”

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has said that she hopes to restore ties between Australia and Fiji and its dictatorial government.

In an interview with the Australian network Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said “We want to normalise relations with Fiji. We want to build the political ties, the defence ties, the economic ties again.”

The current Fijian government , known as the interim government, came to power after  coup in 2006.  Since then the government has trampled on human rights and workers rights within the Country. Opponents to the dictatorial government and Unionists have been arrested en masse and persecuted.

Foreign journalists have also been barred from working in the country and entering the country as well.

A new constitution for the country was drawn up by the dictatorship in which it fell far from the International standards of human rights. The new constitution actually weakens human rights and protections within the country.

During the 2013 federal election campaign Julie Bishop said that she would work towards working with the dictatorial government to Fiji.

Fiji is expected to have elections in September this year. However many are saying that the elections will not be fair.

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