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With Abbott As “Best Friend Of The Workers” – Workers Don’t Need An Enemy

Troy Constable Photography - Flickr

Troy Constable Photography – Flickr

As Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott, claimed to be the ‘best friend of Australian workers’ and that he wanted to see ‘higher wages and more jobs’. With friends like the Prime Minister who needs an enemy when you are a worker. When a business is in jeopardy or closes the Prime Minster blames the workers – what a “great friend” he is, instead of comforting his “friends” when they are in trouble he blames them. It is not just him who shoves the blame on to the worker, his whole front bench does.

It is becoming clear the conservative right wing Liberal-National government is consumed with implementing a right wing ideological project at the expense of a Australian jobs especially in manufacturing. It is as if they are deliberately destroying the country to create a situation so they can be its “saviour”.

The most resent announcement about Toyota leaving Australia has been described in parliament by Andrew Giles ,the member for Scullen, as “a national tragedy…The human cost is incalculable”. Mr Giles continued with “These closures are symptomatic of a government without a plan and, what is worse, a government that seeks to deflect blame onto workers who are the victims of this indolence.”

With a friend like Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Australian workers don’t need an enemy.

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