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Even Split Between ALP and Liberal-National Coalition For Voting Intention

A recent poll conducted by Essential Media Communications on voting intentions shows that voter support for the Liberal National coalition has dropped by 2.6% since the September 7 election. While the Australian Labour Party has increased by 3% and the Palmer United party has gone from 5.5% down to 3%.

When it came to the two parties preferred vote Labor has increased 4% from the September 7 election while the Liberal National coalition has fallen by 3.5% making it an even split between the two parties.

Respondents to the survey also said that unemployment, wealth disparity any inflation where the economic issues that they were most concerned about.

The survey also highlighted that 36% of Liberal National Coalition voters said the border security what are the major concern to them while 44% of greens and 28% of labour voters said that climate change was that a significant issue for them.

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