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March In March Australia Gaining Support Across Australia

source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

The March in March Campaign is gaining support and now has more than 26,000 supporters with over 35,000 people talking and sharing it on Facebook. The events are to take place between the 15-17th of March.

March In March Australia 2014 has been planned and organised as  three days of peaceful assemblies, non-partisan citizens’ marches and rallies at Federal Parliament in Canberra and around various locations around Australia to protest against government decisions that are against the common good of Australia. Events are being held in Adelaide 16th of March, Armadale 15th of March,Brisbane 16th of March ,Canberra 17th of March, Cairns 15th of March, Geraldton16th of March, Toowoomba and various other locations

On the Facebook page for March in March they stated that the majority of Australians expect their government to:

  • Respect the diversity of Australian families
  • Respect our shared humanity and the rule of law
  • Respect expert opinion in science, technology and education
  • Respect Australia’s resources and heritage, now and for future generations.

While their key policy areas are:

  • Education
  • Health care
  • The environment
  • Human rights
  • International affairs
  • Science and technology
  • Trade and finance

The Facebook page for the event is found here and their twitter account is here


1 Comment on March In March Australia Gaining Support Across Australia

  1. Unable to march in the Marches across Australia,but want to add your voice to the protest sign

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