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Griffith By Election – Terri Butler Vs. Bill Glasson – Butler For Locals, Glasson Supports $6 Medicare Tax


Photo: Real Media One Group

Today the voters in Griffith will decided who will replace Kevin Rudd in the seat of Griffith. Terri Butler is the local Labor Candidate for the seat.

Terri Butler has said that she want to ensure that local schools and hospitals are properly staffed and funded so that families get the education and care they deserve, Help local business stay competitive, Fast broadband for locals, Ease the traffic gridlock with upgraded infrastructure and better public transport and  protect  local neighbourhoods from over-development.

Terri has worked at Maurice Blackburn as an Industrial Lawyer and dedicated her time to fighting for the under dog and has lived in the seat for most of her life.

Bill Glasson supports the $6 co-payment fee ( the new Medicare Tax) to see GPs who bulk bill, the scrapping of the Carbon Price, which will dramatically effect the income of the nations economy. Bill Glasson lost to Kevin Rudd in the September 2013.  Bill Glasson had Julie Bishop warm up the crowd at his campaign launch were she showed she hadn’t bothered to learn the seats name by reaptedly calling the seat “Griffin” instead of its proper name Griffith.

“Perhaps Labor thinks that the people of Griffin (sic) do not want to see yet another union puppet in the parliament, That’s what the people of Griffin (sic) will get if they vote Labor – a union puppet.”

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