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Abbott: ” Jury Not In On Me Yet” – Australia: ” Jury Is In On Abbott, Abbott Found To Be Failure”

Troy Constable Photography - Flickr

Troy Constable Photography – Flickr

In a recent interview Prime Minister Tony Abbott stated that the jury is still out on him, “To be candid, the jury is still out on me, because we’ve only been there for a little over three months” said Mr Abbott, he continued with “But I’m confident that I’m as well prepared as anyone can be for this job”.

The reality of the situation is that the jury has already made up its mind about his performance and has passed judgement- The jury has found Abbott to be “a failure”.

In less then 100 days of government his popularity took a nosedive while the popularity of the Opposition Leader, Bill shorten, increased. In the first opinion polls after the election, for preferred parties the Australian Labor Party was two points ahead of the Liberal-National Coalition. With Labor’s primary vote rising four points and the Coalitions falling five.

Thousands of people have taken to Facebook and Twitter to criticize him and to point out his failures. There has also been an online petition formed to be sent to the Governor General to remove him while many are hoping for a double dissolution.

All of these actions show that the jury, the people, have passed judgment on the Abbott government and the jury has found him to be a failure.
As Prime Minister he already has a raft of broken promises attached to his name and performance. It is becoming clear that the Abbott led Liberal-National Coalition Government is turning in to a failure and a farce.

When compared to the previous Labor government ,the Abbott Government is beginning to look like a government devoted to dismantaling the civil society that has been built be successive governments, in particular Labor ones.

While the previous government was committed to tackling climate change by introducing a price on carbon and ratifying the Kyoto protocol , the Abbott Government is committed to denying climate change and removing any effort to tackle it.

While the previous government was committed to funding education and developing education, the Abbott government can’t make up its mind with regard to their own policy – three in one week.

While the previous Labor governments were committed to providing and developing  public healthcare, the Abbott government is committed to dismantling public healthcare.

While the previous Labor government was committed to bringing Australia into the 21st-century with a high-speed National Broadband Network, The Abbott government is committed to keeping Australia behind the rest of the world with a low grade imitation.

The previous Labor government what committed to cultivating and maintaining friendships with our Asian neighbors, the Abbott led government has done nothing but insult them.

While the Labor government was committed to keeping highly advanced production industries in this country, like Holden, the Abbott government totally destroyed them. Thousands have lost their jobs already under this government.

We could go on like this with various different examples. It is time that Abbott woke up, the jury is in and has found him a failure. During an election you can’t promise one thing then after the election say that people misheard or “we didn’t promise that”.

He says he is as prepared as anyone can be for the top job. While there is no doubt that being Prime Minister is hard, his actions and performance in the job shows he is far from being prepared for the job at all.

6 Comments on Abbott: ” Jury Not In On Me Yet” – Australia: ” Jury Is In On Abbott, Abbott Found To Be Failure”

  1. Sandra Searle (@SandraSearle) // January 5, 2014 at 9:35 am // Reply

    This article shows just how bad TA & his mob really are. It needs to be picked up by the MSM to show the rest of Australia just what a dreadful mess this new government is making of what was up until a very good economy, a forward looking program with education, health, disability care, superannuation & the NBN.
    The LNP are just a ‘wrecking ball’ that if not stopped sooner that later will destroy everything that is good about this wonderful country of ours.
    Back off you complete morons!!!!

  2. Yeah OK, but what are is to be done in fighting back? The petition to the GG in asking for Abbott’s removal and a double dissolution may give vent to outrage but is fanciful in terms of realpolitick.
    Abbott’s not about to call another election on the grounds that the Coalition’s bills are being blocked in the Senate (and this may only last until June when the newly elected members PUP and the Motoring Enthusiasts Party take their seats, dependent on what the High Court rules in regards to the WA poll).
    What is more likely to happen if the Libs bills continue to be blocked in the upper house, is that Abbott will wind up the ‘obstructionist’ argument and naturally News Ltd. will back him up in their usual deceitful and strident manner.
    What is needed, is for the ALP to go on the attack as loudly and frequently as possible.
    Over the holiday period, the Coalition has attacked Medicare, refused to reveal what is happening on Manus Island and other asylum seeker processing centres, including the number of arrivals, attacked the ABC, and through their cat’s paws in right wing think tanks labelled the latest finding on global warming as being ‘too politicized’ and therefore invalid.
    The reaction on all these issues from the ALP?
    A deafening silence!

    Note to Bill Shorten: Grow some spine, go on the attack or be consigned to the dustbin of history!

  3. Currently, Bill Shorten is the Coalitions greatest asset. I feel like grabbing him by the shirtfront, shaking the hell out of him and saying ” WAKE UP BILL, ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION, WAKE UP, THERE’S A JOB TO BE DONE, AND DONE NOW, HULLO, ANYBODY HOME. BILL, ARE YOU THERE MAN ?????



  4. My sentiments exactly Mick. If the Left can’t make a meal of this pin-headed inarticulate idiot and his gang of bozo’s then they deserve to be in opposition for years! Still I suppose the current situation is ripe for cartoonists -keep ’em coming Mick!

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