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Liberal-National Coalition Candidate For Griffith Supports New “$ 6 Co-Payment Fee”

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) is reporting that the Liberal-National coalition candidate for the Fedral seat of Griffith supports the $6 fee to see your local GP.

The Liberal-National coalition candidate, Bill Glasson, was once the president of the AMA before his tilt at politics. He lost his last tilt at politics against Kevin Rudd by more than 5000 votes. The $6 fee is a controversial move and has been widely condemned, it is designed in partly to begin the dismantling of Australia’s Medicare.

Bill Glasson told the ABC that he supports the proposal that patients pay a $6 fee to see the doctor. He told  the ABC “if you can afford to pay, you should pay, to keep the system fair ….”

The reality of the situation is that Bill Glasson is supporting a new tax on Australians. This “co payment fee” that Australians will need to pay to see the doctor is really a new tax imposed by the Conservative  Liberal-National Government.   At the end of the day Tony Abbott won’t put a price on carbon so he will tax  Australians to see the doctor instead to make up for their economic shortfall. The coalition government wants to sneak in a new tax that will get families every time they take members of their to the doctor. Any change to Medicare should have been an election issue. The coalition did not take this to the elections.

The the statements from Bill Glasson prove that Terri Butler is the only choice for Griffith and that Labor is the only choice for Griffith as well.

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