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Rally To Be Held To Oppose $5 Fee For Visiting GP – March On Sydney Town Hall

A Public event over Facebook has been organised to oppose the $5 fee that the Abbott led Conservative Liberal-National Government is considering introduce.

The Facebook event which can be found here is called ” Save our Medicare! Say no to Abbott’s fees and cuts!”. It will start at 1:00 and will march on to Sydney town hall. Over 6,000 people have been invited.

The announcement of the fee which could possible even go up to $6 has cause considerable distress among the Australian population and has had the Labor Party opposition in parliament come out and strongly criticise the plan.

Here on Real News One many have submitted comments talking about the hardship such a move would bring especially on the elderly, disabled and lower income earners.

One commented “Sure, lets charge $5 for every time we need to go to the doctors, I have a son that needs to see the doctor once a week and neither my husband or I have a job, despite our efforts to find one, and we can barely afford things as it is. $5 may not sound like much to those who have money, but it’s a lot to us who have none.” with another saying “..not only do many disabled pensioners have to live in rental houses, because the governments have not provided state homes for all who need them. now you want them to pay for medical bills as well? I go to the doctors with my disabilities about twice a week, Im lucky to have thirty dollars a week to buy food on, I don’t go out as I can not afford such a luxury. Buy a burger Mr Barnes? who can afford that !..”


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