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Abbott Government Continues To Hide Behind Veil Of Secrecy To Avoid Accountability And Fails In Honesty

Troy Constable Photography - Flickr

Troy Constable Photography – Flickr

The Abbott led Liberal-National Coalition Government is still hiding behind its veil of secrecy  so that it can’t be held to account while at the same time treating the public with contempt and asylum seekers with inhumane actions. In one of their latest moves to avoid accountability the Minister of Immigration and Border protection is no longer given press conferences regarding his portfolio, so as to avoid being held accountable by the public via the media.

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald Laurie Oakes accused the Minister of arrogance with the way that he conducts the process of briefing from his office and handling of the media. The minister, Scott Morrison, issued his last briefing for the year yesterday where he  highlights the so called “success of Operation Sovereign Borders”.  He did mention that  “The boats have not yet stopped but they are stopping”, even though earlier as minister he claimed the boats had stopped.

In the same release the Minister mentions that there has been a drop of 70% of arrivals by boat, once again he is continuing to deceive the public. The drop of 70% is due to the PNG solution policy of the previous Labor Government announced by Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister. Morrison criticised the PNG Solution while he was in opposition but is now more than happy to reap the effects of it.

The deliberate act of avoiding the media and deceiving the public of Australia is treating the public with great disrespect. A democracy can not work when those who decide the outcome are being deceived by those who hide their actions from public accountability.

In related news the double standards of the Abbott led Liberal- National Coalition Government has continued. This year at Christmas Tony Abbott and his family left the country to go on holiday in France.  Last year Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey criticised Julia Gillard  for taking time off over Christmas to spend time with her widowed mother. They stated the Julia Gillard showed a lack of leadership and courage at that time.

It is now interesting to note that Tony Abbott has left the country while thousands of families in Australia are suffering because of the callous actions of his government by actions such as forcing Holden to leave, refusing to help SPC and deliberately increasing the national debt.

2 Comments on Abbott Government Continues To Hide Behind Veil Of Secrecy To Avoid Accountability And Fails In Honesty

  1. “now more than happy to ripe the effects of it.”

  2. SPC sacked 70 today. Part of their effort to de unionise their plant so they can attract a government bail out.

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