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Queensland: State Liberal-National Party Selling Up Queensland And Deceiving Queenslanders About Cost Of Living

Queensland Parliament House Photo ©Real-Media One Group Aaron Watson
Queensland Parliament House  Photo ©Real-Media One Group Aaron Watson

Queensland Parliament House
Photo ©Real-Media One Group Aaron Watson

The Conservative Liberal-National Party of Queensland (LNPQld) has embarked on a fire-sale sell off of assets that belong to Queenslanders as well as deceiving the people of Queensland about the cost of living.

One of the main lines that the LNPQld has been trotting out to the people in their spin to justify the selling off of state assets is that the state assets have become a burden to the state. The Electrical Trade Union (ETU) has made it known to the people of Queensland that the Government’s own report compiled by the Independent Auditor General states that the state run assists such as the energy sector is not a burden but has consistently provided a dividend back to the Government to be spent on essential services like schools, hospitals and other social infrastructure.

ETU State Secretary Peter Simpson said “the report showed that the LNP were spinning a yarn when they say they must sell generation assets. This is a clear indication that the LNP’s asset sales agenda is philosophical and not based on rational economic analysis, while the generators have been volatile but overall profitable the transmission and distribution sectors also State owned, are super profitable, providing dividends close to $1b in the 2012/2013 year back to consolidated revenue”

Another major concern for the people of Queensland is that when Newman and the LNPqld were elected they promised that there would be a reduction to the cost of electricity by $120 per year – However this promise has been broken. The cost of living has gone up. In 2012 it went up $140, 2013 – $268 and 2014 is projected to go up  $192 . While taxes have risen by $257 per person.

Schools and education have also come under attack by the LNPqld under the guidance of the education minister John Paul Langbroek, six schools( Fortitude Valley, Old Yarranlea, Toowoomba South, Stuart and Charlton state schools and Nyanda State High School) have been closed. In a media release Opposition leader Tim Mulherin stated “They know that the decision to close their schools had nothing to do with future viability or educational outcomes. For most of the schools, the decision was based on real estate values” he also pointed out ““Everyone associated with Fortitude Valley, Old Yarranlea, Toowoomba South, Stuart and Charlton state schools and Nyanda State High School, knows that they are victims of the LNP’s arrogance. They were closed without adequate consultation.”

Along with selling off schools the LNPQld sold off Government owned city blocks without the approval of Queenslanders. The Newman led government had promised to consulate and obtain approval from the people of Queensland before doing such things – Another broken promise.

The government made a loss of $237 million from the sale of the buildings. Part of the plan is to also have the government rent back the office space in the buildings which will cost $1.2 billion.

Queensland employment rate has also been worse off with the Newman led LNPqld. Under the previous Labor government the unemployment rate was at 5.5%. With the LNPqld is has risen to 6.4 % which means that there is each 5000 people unemployed under Campbell, 10500 less full time jobs while 40,000 are no longer counted as unemployed because they have given up looking for work.

The Queensland Liberal-National Coalition Party has continued the same tactic as their Federal counterpart led by Tony Abbott- Break promises and don’t be transparent.

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