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Queensland: LNP set to lose seats – Newman set to lose Ashgrove

Recent polling in Queensland has shown that the LNP (Liberal-

Queensland highlighted in red

Queensland highlighted in red

NationalParty) are likely to lose 20 seats at the next state election. On top of this it looks as if the Premier and lead of the Queensland LNP is set to lose his own seat of Ashgrove.

LNP has hit an all time low with support in Queensland with many people feeling that the government is becoming over bearing and out of control.

Of those polled only 40% were satisfied with Newman’s performance. This comes at a time when a by-election will be held in the seat of Redcliffe which is looking more and more likely to go to Queensland Labor.

Satisfaction numbers continue to fall for the LNP in Queensland.

1 Comment on Queensland: LNP set to lose seats – Newman set to lose Ashgrove

  1. this brings a tear of joy to me, a total wipe out would be so gratifying, a payback from all those workers in the public service, that he had fired…….little man syndrome on steroids……. cannot wait till the next election, ……he forgot the old saying, “BE CAREFUL OF THE HEADS YOU KICK ON THE WAY UP THE LADDER, BECAUSE AS SURELY AS THE MOON FOLLOWS THE SUN, YOU WILLHAVE TO KISS THEIR ARSES, ON YOUR WAY DOWN”………….

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