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Report: Terri Butler Is The Only Choice For Griffith

RN1EditorialThe seat of Griffith has been thrust into the spot light on the national Australian Political stage. The seat was originally held by Kevin Rudd, the former Prime Minister, until he resigned from Parliament and politics after beating the Liberal National Coalition candidate Bill Glasson .

Griffith has turned into a not just a simple by-election to replace a former member of parliament but it is now seen as a judgement of the Tony Abbott and his Liberal-National Government that has been heavily criticised for its poor performance and broken promises.

Terri Butler is from the left faction of the Labor Party, she  also works for Maurice Blackburn and leads the firm Industrial and workplace relations division. Terri is a fighter for the underdog, the firms website states that  “Terri has extensive experience with unfair and unlawful dismissals, and has regularly represented clients in the Queensland and Australian Industrial Relations Commissions.”

It is expected that the Liberal-National Coalition are to throw millions into the by-election. Many who have voted for the Liberal-National coalition are becoming more and more dismayed with the performance of the government. They said that Labor was unstable while in the last 100 days the Liberal-Coaltion has shown it self to fundamentally unstable who are torn apart with infighting with many Liberal MPs letting their resentment made known about be order around by the chief of Staff of the Prime Minister’s office, the lack of support shown to women in the party room with front bench appointments and the lack of support for Holden which was a major point of contention between two front bench MP.

It is against this back drop that it emerges that Teri is the only choice that people have in Griffith to replace Kevin Rudd. This is an opportunity to send Tony Abbott and his MPs of the Liberal-National Coalition a message that their performance is dreadful. There is also a petition online to the Governor General to remove Tony Abbott and his government. AS Teri has fought who those who have unfairly been dismissed she will fight for those who want to make Tony Abbott accountable for what he is doing

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