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Queensland: LNP Assault On The Environment Continues

Queensland highlighted in red

Queensland highlighted in red

The LNP assault on the environment has continued when the Queensland Environment Minister approved mining operations in Queensland Galilee Basin. The mining operations are owned by Clive Palmer the federal member for Fairfax.

The approval was announced on Friday after 5 pm. Conservationists and environmentalists are against the development due to fact that 8000 hectares of the Bimblebox Nature Refuge would lost. The nature refuge is home to koalas and 150 bird species. It is also thought that the ground water would also be contaminated.

Apparent conditions imposed on the project are: $100,000 p.a are to be denoted to a conservation fund and a limit on how much land the project can take over.

This attack on the environment by the LNP in Queensland comes on the heels of the announcement that the Federal Government was to defund the Environmental Defenders Office (EDO). The EDO is a small network of nine state based non-profit community legal centres who make sure that Australia’s environmental laws are being helped and followed.

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