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Glencore Mining Snubbing Residents Of Collinsville – CFMEU: “75% Applicants Rejected”

Photo :Rudy Tiben

Photo :Rudy Tiben

In recent months Glencore has taken over the mining operations in Collinsville from Thiess after they close the mine in September.

When Theiss closed the mine 400 people in the town were out of work.
Since taking over the mine Glencore has routinely been rejecting the previous workers in Collinsville in favour of hiring from labour hire.
The CFMEU Queensland has commented that 75% of the locals from the town have been rejected from their previous jobs. Instead they have been told apply through a third party labour hire company.

Along with snubbing the locals Glencore has also refused to guarantee the old work force their previous positions.

Glencore residents have been outraged over the decisions and treatment from the company. While mining is treated as the hope of Australia, mining in country areas doesn’t act as the hope of locals looking for work to support their families.

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