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Australia: 74% Rate Abbott As Very Poor-While Abbott is Divorced From Reality

RN1EditorialIn a recent news poll conducted by Fairfax media more than 74 % of respondents have said that the Liberal-National Coalition have done a very poor job in governing. The people are not happy. This comes on the day that Tony Abbott was releasing the governments report of their first 100 days when he said that the government had done a lot and had achieved and accomplished many of theirs goals.

This is in contrast to a ninemsn poll which had 31,175 respondents who said that they weren’t happy with the government’s job compared to 30,916. While RealNewsOne can report that thousands of people have expressed to RealNewsOne that they are not happy with the Liberal-National Coalition’s job.

In the face of such negative criticism and condemnation of the coalition, Tony Abbott has said that the government is trustworthy. While he  hits the road to campaign for the governments first 100 days he has also said that anything that has gone wrong is Labor’s fault. 1461818_574686035944875_235038297_n

Unfortunately for Tony Abbot he is divorced from  the reality of Australia,what he says and believes does not match up with what Australians think. The political woes that Tony Abbott is facing is not Labor’s fault but it is his own doing. It is his deceit and defrauding of the voters of Australia that has caused his political woes. The fact that he is two faced is his own undoing.  It has been far from the dream of the 100 days that Abott is talking about.

It has been 100 days of disappointment and hell. There has been backflips over education, broken promises on the NBN, a total disregard of our international neighbours- to the point that Indonesia has been told to get over the spying incident and Julie Bishop dared to slap China over the wrist about China’s own defence strategy, Early Childhood workers have had their financial futures robbed from them, Holden has gone, QANTAS wont be helped as well. The Parliament has been dominated by a biased speaker who changes the rules and disregards everything and everyone.

When he was up for election he said he wanted to put trust back into the government and and be open and above board, however all that  Australia has seen is deceit and secrecy. No wonder 74% rate Abbott and his Liberal-National Coalition as a failure. Abbot can go out a say how wonderful he has been but he is divorced from reality.

Pure and simple – The people are not happy, The Liberal-National Coalition headed by Tony Abbott has failed.

2 Comments on Australia: 74% Rate Abbott As Very Poor-While Abbott is Divorced From Reality

  1. This is called stating the bleeding obvious! The real question is what is to be done?

  2. I’m just wondering out loud here,,,, but, if Abbott himself is not being fed all the facts, then maybe he is divorced from reality by stealth from within the inner sanctum of party room.

    It’s just a theory on my part, but is he in reality nothing more than a puppet, and has not yet realised that?

    With such an air of secrecy surrounding their activities, they may very well have extended the secrecy to exclude their leader from subtle facts. Just a thought, as there has to be some logical reason for their actions (or not) over the first 100 days.

    Anyhow, something which needs to be addressed urgently is the rebooting of Australia’s manufacturing industry……….

    I guess there’s several ways to approach that problem, here’s an obscure angle on it in this cartoon – – – – –


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