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Report: NBN – The Liberal-National Coalition Just Don’t Get The Connection

RN1EditorialAnother election promise broken! The Liberal-National Coalition version of the NBN, or Fraudband a it has been nicked name, was blown out to more than $11 billion. Instead of addressing the issue and listening to the voters of Australia they went to stock and trade tool – blame others, it was Labor’s fault.

The original NBN plan was to context Australian home to an optic fiber network. The network was to deliver more then … Per second. This was to be replaced with the Coalitions plan that was to have optic fiber to the node and then copper wire to Australians homes.
Once again another election promise broken. The Abbott government  promised to give all Australians access to high speed internet with high download speeds by 2016. The Fairfax Media had revealed that advice given in its draft report to the incoming Liberal-National

Internet Cables

Photo: Enzo Forciniti (

government showed the NBN Co did not believe the Coalition’s target was achievable. Yet they continued knowing that they would have to break their promise.

The Liberal-National Coalition Government are not connected with the people of Australia and the logistics of the country. The world and the country have progressed to the point where  where the internet is a vital utility just like water and electricity are. Imagine with the Coalition with Abbott as head was the government of the day when electricity was introduced – Australia may just have obtained the technology!
It is now time that the Liberal-National Coalition get the point – Get on board, give reliable internet, deliver a working broadband to the equvalancy to the rest of the developed world.  Take responsibility for their own mess and stop blaming others.


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