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Syria: hand over of weapons needs transparency

20130828-064804.jpgThe United States has said the process that Syria hands over their chemical weapons to international control needs to be “entirely verifiable, completely accountable, and ongoing verifiable process” so that the international community needs to have all of the weapons, access to any sites in question, unlimited access, investigation, verifiability.

Russia has said that the U.S. – for a deal to work, will have to renounce the use of force. It has said that a Security Council resolution under Chapter 7 is unacceptable, and that it wants a presidential statement instead.20130902-103458.jpg

The US responded by saying what was needed was a full resolution from the Security Council in order to have the confidence that this has the force that it ought to have.

Secretary Kerry stated in an interview on Google+  “we don’t want to buy into something that isn’t going to get the job done, then we’re right back where we started from. So this has to be a transparent, accountable, fully implementable, and clearly verifiable process, and we’re going to have to work at how that’s going to be achieved.”

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