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Russia and USA: Syria Hand Over Chemical Weapons

Syria has been told to hand over all chemical weapons that they posses. Russia and the United States have both recommended this as an option so as to avoid the possibility of military action against Syria.

The option of handing over the chemical weapons came after the United States Sectary of State John Kerry said at a press conference that Syria could hand over all of their chemical weapons stock pile to avoid a confrontation when asked what could Syria could do to avoid the conflict.

The Russian government noted this comment and said that they will push Syria to put its weapons under the control of the international community so that they can be dismantled.

Syria responded by saying that this would be one way to avoid what they consider to be “American” aggression.

Also in the United States there is growing opposition to the United States taking any military action against Syria.

The United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has said that he will urge the Security Council to demand that the Syrian regime turn over their chemical weapons.

The international community is still waiting for the results of the UN inspection that took place on the 21 of August 2013.

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