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The Real LNP national agenda for Australia

  • Job cuts
  • Limit Unions and workers right
  • Cuts to essential services
  • Privatisation


On Sunday morning Australians woke up to a new era. The Abbott era, one that was brought in by the manipulation of the press owned by one man, it’s no longer policy that gets voted on but it is the media that makes up its mind and tells you who is best to lead, along with the disunity of the Labor party and with the in fighting of the party, the swing against labor in many marginal seats combined with the lack of transparency in the Coalition’s campaign brought about the new Abbott Era.

The Liberal-Nationals (LNP) campaigned on mantras,not policy- “We will stop the boats”, “We will cut the debt”, “We will remove the carbon tax” and a so called “contract” with Australians made up their campaign, sound bites . On the surface it seemed positive – at least to some.

Troy Constable Photography - Flickr

Tony Abbott LNP Prime Minister Image:Troy Constable Photography – Flickr

Sound bites don’t make for an agenda of a government.What really is their agenda, what do they really have in store? To answer this you only have to look at the state governments that have the coalition as government. The state governments have all been about cuts. New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and Victoria all have LNP governments and have sacked more than 40,000+ . The new federal LNP government has earmarked 12,000 jobs to go. That will be 52,000 people who have lost their livelihood due to the LNP. A massive loss for the Australian economy. An uncountable loss for each family that has suffered from a family member losing their job – their contribution to the welfare of their own family.

Industrial Relations (IR) and Unions have been targets for the LNP in their agenda. In Queensland the LNP Government lead by Campbell Newman has been determined and methodical in breaking the power of unions and denying workers a voice. The government has been ruling by decree and invalidating work place agreements that had been negotiated.He has used unions and his attack on them as a distraction from the chaos that is going on in his own party room. Where people have been acting dishonestly and for selfish gains.

In Queensland the LNP government has restricted the right of unions to enter the workplace, particularly with regards to Public Servants and workplaces under the State government. The Federal LNP have stated in their IR policy that they will change the right of entry for unions – to the point where unions won’t be able to enter in some places to met with members and potential members. The traditional view of unions in the LNP is that they are tolerated to the extent of free association but should have no part or say in government or in policy. They are ideologically opposed to workers being organised to protect their conditions and to better their workplaces. This change in unions will limit the say workers and their unions have with regards to their workplace conditions and national policies – which at the end of the day effects their livelihood.

In New South Wales the LNP government has cut $ 3 billion from the health services. These cuts have lead to major frontline disruptions. In one hospital in New South Wales, the Prince of Wales Hospital,this has lead to $300,000 been cut from the cancer unit, the closing of 26 beds, 11 nursing positions have been cut and the stroke unit has been dismantled. While one of the most disturbing outcomes from the cuts in New South Wales has been the delay of Ambulances. Ambulances have been delayed by more than 30 minutes at hospital emergency departments. These cuts have lead to bed blockage in emergency departments which are taking a third of ambulances off the road. New South Wales isn’t the only sate that has suffered cuts to their health system. Queensland has also, where backend staff have been made redundant and front line staff have to fill-in to make up for the lose. Thus putting pressure on them to perform two roles at the expense of patient care. Lives are being put at risk by the LNP and their agenda.

Costings – one of the major issues during the election and one example of their lack of transparency. In Western Australia the LNP in their elections said that all their costings had been funded and and fully costed – the same line Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey used in the Federal Election. This has happened across Australia with all the LNP elections. Releasing costings only two or three days before the day of election and then to form government and say that “the economy is worse than we thought and we won’t be able to fulfill our costing commitments and cuts need to be made”. As Mr Barnett , the Premier of Western Australia, is imposing savage cuts to pay for his costings it is more than likely that the federal LNP will do the same.

Victoria along with Queensland has seen the LNP commence privatisation of services. Particularly the privatisation of aged care facilities. Granted the federal government doesn’t control services such as aged care and health but cuts that they will make will lead to states receiving less funding which will accelerate the process of privatisation of service that the communities rely on. Along with the downgrading of workers and their workplace conditions.

As part of the agenda that the federal LNP have , they plan to discontinue the school kids bonus and the instant asses write off cost. Both measures that will hurt families and small business. They also plan to help and fund native title respondents denying indigenous native title holders a fair go in court when trying to reclaim their ancestral lands.

It is to plain to see that the Real LNP national agenda for Australia includes:

  • Job cuts
  • Limit Unions and workers right
  • Cuts to essential services
  • Privatisation
  • Marginalising indigenous communities

The effect of this will send the country backwards not forwards. As the main stream media said ” the Coalition is stable and predictable” – yes they are stable, methodical in fact in how they systematically tear down the social progress achieved by progressive parties and politicians. Predictable – absolutely, what we have seen in states with LNP governments we will see with a LNP federal Government, cuts along with attacks on workers rights and conditions. The states were the shorts to the full movie release of Federal LNP and what it will inflict on the country of Australia.


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