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The New Conservative Prime Minister of Australia – Who is Tony Abbott?

Troy Constable Photography - Flickr

Troy Constable Photography – Flickr

A new conservative right wing government has been elected in Australian. This has brought about a new Prime Minister – Tony Abbott.

Who really is Tony Abbott ? Before he was elected to the Australian Parliament, Tony was born in the United Kingdom to Australian parents. Abbott had studied at the University of Sydney for a Bachelor of Economics and a Bachelor of Laws, and later for a Master of Arts as a Rhodes Scholar at Queen’s College, Oxford. IT was during this time that he lived through and saw first hand the impact that Margret Thatcher had on the United Kingdom, Thatcher was to later began one of his political idols and who he has tried to model himself on.

He later went to a seminary to train as a Roman Catholic seminarian and worked as a journalist, business manager, and political advisor. Tony Abbott was elected in 1994 when he successfully stood in the Warringah by-election.

In 1998 Abbott was appointed to the cabinet during the Howard years. as Minister for Employment, Workplace Relations and Small Business. In 2003, he became Minister for Health and Ageing he remained in this portfolio until the defeat of the Howard Government at the 2007 election to the incoming Labor Government headed by Kevin Rudd.

With the new incoming government, headed by Tony Abbott, tens of thousands across Australia are set to lose their jobs with cuts that were announced when the costings were released only 48 hours before the election. Not only will people be losing their jobs, indigenous programs to help indigenous lives in society have also been cut. $4 billion worth of aid will be cut the hardest hit will be the Pacific region. The election of the Liberal National Coalition party also leads to funding questions for early childhood, education, universities all of which are now in doubt as well.

Many see that with Tony Abbott as Prime Minister, many will suffer.


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